Livin’ In A Land…Down Under

By Jill C. Hindman
April 4, 2002

Imagine waking up everyday going to a few classes and then hitting the beach with your board. That is the life of Cabrini junior, Pasquale Bocchicchio, who is studying abroad this semester in Queensland, Australia. He shares his experience at Bond University and his life as an Aussie on the Gold Coast.

Jill C. Hindman: What made you choose Australia?
Pasquale Bocchicchio: I went to California and friends told me they were studying in Aussie. I was originally planning on going to Italy.

JCH: Do you find the classes more challenging?
PB: Some of the classes are tough, but I do not find it as stressful as Cabrini.

JCH: How do you feel about being in another country after the events of Sept. 11?
PB: I feel as nothing is going on at home, but since I am here for the year I have seen changes in the incoming students of this semester. They all seem a little more laid back than the group that I came with.

JCH: Do you find yourself speaking like an Aussie?
PB: No, I do not find myself speaking like an Aussie, but others say I have and others think I am crazy when I tell them that I have picked up the accent, so I do not know. You will have to tell me when I return I suppose.

JCH: What process did you have to go through in order to study abroad? Did you go through Beaver College? Was it complicated or pretty much the same as regular enrollment?
PB: Tons of paper work, that is all I can say other wise I could write forever. Yes, I went through Beaver and they were very helpful. I found it to be complicated,but great things aren’t easy.

JCH: What is campus life like?
PB: Very chill and there is always something to do. People aren’t as stressed as they are at Cabrini. If you want to have a beer that is fine as long as the RD or RA can have one with you.

JCH: What is the weather like?
PB: The weather is always warm.

JCH: Have you flown home since Sept. 11? Were there certain precautions that abroad students were instructed to follow? What was the airport experience like?
PB: I do not really miss home. I have found that from time to time I miss the little bro, but not being home. I flew in on the September 5, so everything was normal.

JCH: What part of Australia are you in? Describe the atmosphere in the surrounding city and towns.
PB: I am on the Gold Coast of Australia. It is the state of Queensland. The atmosphere here is that in which people barely work and the attitude is “no worries.” The weather is always warm and the people are very happy. All you have to worry about is what you are doing that day, not what your life is going to be like. The surf is great and the beaches are beautiful. It is truly paradise away from home.

JCH: Are you looking forward to coming back or do you wish that you were staying?
PB: I am looking forward to seeing the family, but like I said before I do not miss home. I have met a lot of great people and if I had a choice I think I would stay, but I want to do other things. This was only a start to my traveling experiences. I would not mind making this my Florida in my older days.

JCH: Is the food different, if so, what is your favorite new food?
PB: The food is different but that does not mean that it is all good. I miss the American food. I must say that after a good day of surfing that a nice meat pie will hit the spot. Other than that they have a lot of Asian style food.

JCH: What university are you studying at?
PB: Bond University. A.K.A Bond Uni.

JCH: What is your major?
PB: Finance.

JCH: Do you find that the programs (educational) are better?
PB: I don’t know. I like school at home much more for education.

JCH: What are the dorms like? Do you live on campus or off?
PB: I live on and they are like hotel rooms and that does include house keeping once a week.

JCH: What do you do for fun?
PB: Surf and party, other then that travel to do it as well.

JCH: Have any of you friends visited? If so, what was their impression?
PB: Yes, one friend came down and she wants to study abroad. We shall see!!

JCH: Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering traveling abroad?
PB: DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JCH: Do you plan on going back there?
PB: Maybe, I want to see so many other places it would not be for a long time.

JCH: If you could do it over again, would you choose the same place or somewhere else?
PB: I would choose here. I think that it was perfect for my mentality at the time I came abroad.

JCH: Anything that you’d like to say to your friends back at Cabrini?
PB: How’s it going everyone, I hope all you kids are chillin’ and keeping things on lockdown. I will see you in May, yea that is for maybe see you.

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Jill C. Hindman

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