Live for the moment

By Kendall Neil
April 22, 2004

Lauren Joseph

In a friend’s instant messenger profile, I found a link with the name “cute.” Being that she is my best friend, I clicked on it and found this amazing editorial in The Massachusetts Daily Collegian. It was written by a Matt Brochu and was entitled “What she doesn’t know will kill you.” As I read through it, it was all about this guy who played the part of the best friend to this girl who he had this amazing connection with which he felt could be more. He found himself falling in love with her despite the fact that she had this boyfriend who, according to the article, was considered a “tool.” Nonetheless, she loved him. Their relationship continued and this guy kept his feelings to himself. The girl finally came to her senses, broke up with said tool, and came crying to the best friend. At the very end of the article there is a line that says, “So ___________, it’s about time you know,” with instructions to fill in the blank and give it a girl who you’ve been secretly pining away for. And then to let Brochu know how it goes.

We all look so hard for the things that we think we want the most. What if they are sitting right in front of us and we let the chance pass us by? I guess my whole point is to take everything for what it is, live in the moment. If you love someone, tell them. There aren’t always the second chances. Don’t think that things are too good to be true. Everyone deserves the chance to be happy but in my experience, it seems as though we forget to include ourselves in that idea of “everyone.” The time that we have here at college is limited. Don’t spend it complaining about things that went wrong, teachers you don’t like, games that you lost. Think about the good things that you have done and the fun that you’ve had because we’ve all had those times. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here. Don’t spend time analyzing every situation you’re in. Let things go and let them go their course. Things will work out in the end. And if you’re anything like Brochu and have some girl (or guy) in mind that you’re smitten for, here’s the web address to his helpful article.

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Kendall Neil

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