Let your conscience be your guide

By Diana Vilares
March 15, 2007

Morals. Everyone has them. According to WordWeb online, the word “moral” is “concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles.”

That’s all fine and merry but I think that the thing people struggle the most with is differentiating between what’s good and what’s bad. I’ve always believed that morals are different for every individual and the point I want to make is that “different” doesn’t always mean wrong.

A lot of factors go into someone’s moral makeup. New parents are continuously stressed about whether or not they will be able to teach their children how to become good people, until one day they’ve taught them all they could and trust their children to make good decisions.

Good decision-making is a skill. We only become good at it after some practice.

When you were in elementary school you and your friends exchanged or, as I liked to call it, “compared” answers on your homework. You knew that you weren’t supposed to be doing it, but it didn’t mean that you were going to be banned to hell for it either.

Religion is another thing that plays a role in our morals. I cannot claim to be knowledgeable of what rules and rituals are associated with every religious belief, but I do know that a lot of hatred is often exchanged between people when they don’t keep an open mind about the world around them.

For example, some have the idea that the Wiccan religion is based on worshipping the devil when in actuality, it is the practice of worshiping God through Mother Earth. According to an article on helium.com, the way these worshippers keep the balance between the good and bad in the world is through conducting spells and charms.

Personally, I consider myself to be a Catholic. Do I go to church every Sunday? No. But I am comfortable enough with where I stand in my faith and myself to feel good about the life that I live.

I would much rather opt for telling someone the truth over going to church on Sunday and lying to my mom on Monday about what I was doing last Friday night.

I know that you should always treat others the way you want to be treated and that you should never put yourself in the business of others if you aren’t invited to do so. This knowledge wasn’t something that was taught to me by my parents. I know what’s right and wrong by personal experience, by losing and gaining friendships and shedding a few tears along the way.

Morals are built in my eyes.

One of the touchiest, and for some, the most awkward thoughts that come to mind when someone brings up the topic of “morals” is where someone stands on pre-marital sex. All I will say out of respect for the readers is that your personal choice is yours to keep. No one should ever feel as though they are fit to impose it on anyone else.

Those that do think they have “the right” should probably go back to church or temple or wherever they feel their sins will be forgiven, because there’s nothing morally right about talking down to someone based on a difference of opinion.

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Diana Vilares

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