Letter to the editor: Ill feelings rise from alumni about Iadarola’s message

By Jared Schierbaum Class of 199
September 20, 2007

To the Editor:

Holy freaking cow?! Can it be true?! Has the wicked witch of the campus decided to step down?

This can’t be.

This has to be some sort of ploy by Cabrini to try to have the Alumni stand up and take note and hopefully begin donating back to the Campus. I can tell you one thing, as an Alum, the soon to be Ex-Prez was one reason I would never donate a cent to Cabrini as long as she was there.

She was the worst. She hated when anyone did not share her ideas, God forbid someone had an opinion of their own, or even worse someone actually be respected and loved more than her, see Coach Dzik.

I worked in 3-4 organizations a year while at Carbini and participated in a few Alumni functions after graduation and to this day I am sure she still has no idea who I am.

This truly is a great day in Cabrini history; the campus is free of her reign of ignorance to the student and those precious teachers who put students first and her agenda second. It is just a shame so many good teachers, coaches, advisors and ministers had to leave before they could see this day. I can only hope the next President takes note and does NOT follow in her footsteps and carves out a path of their very own.

– Jared Schierbaum,

Class of 1999

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Jared Schierbaum Class of 199

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