Letter to the Editor from Tanya McCausland

By Staff Writer
December 7, 2000

Among all the problems that have come along this year regarding housing, new visitation policies and stricter drinking rules there is one major problem that is being overlooked that many are faced with everyday. The computer labs have become a major headache for many residents on campus who either don’t have a computer or a printer. It seems to me that with the beginning of the 21st century computers we should have computers that will fulfill even the smallest need of word processing and printing, but the lab that is provided at Cabrini does not do this.

The computer lab in Founders Hall room 313 is the only official computer lab for students to use. With about 25 computers and two printers, it is often full or the printers are out of paper. Often computers will either freeze or not open a disc. In the numerous times I have been in the computer lab I have never seen the person who is supposed to portray a lab monitor. With the problems that I have had with the lab I could have used someone to help me. The hours of the computer lab are also insufficient in my mind. I personally have never heard of a student who never did work on weekends and would like to print a paper on a Sunday night. This is not as bad as believing the lab is open during a certain time because it is written on the schedule, and it happens not to be, leaving you with an assignment you were hoping to print because you relied on the computer lab. All in all, the computer lab is very disappointing and could really use some renovating.

My most recent experience with the computer lab has left me disappointed and angry at the lack of care and effort put into the lab. When trying to print out a 15 page paper due that day I found that no paper was left in the printers. Since there was no lab monitor there to help me with my dilemma, I went to class hoping to return to a working printer. When I returned I found myself facing a computer that was refusing to open my disc. Again, a lab monitor was not there to help me. After going to several computers and then frustrated returning to my room I was told by my computer that my disk was infected with a virus and did not want to open my 15 page paper.

I would like this to be a warning to all students who will be fervently using the computer lab over the next few weeks. Note that no one is there to help you with your computer problems and with the many people using that lab in a day a virus may well creep up on you and your lengthy papers.

I would also like to make a recommendation to those responsible for the labs. Find computer monitors if you’re going to put the word “computer monitor” on the board and organize your times. It would save everyone a great deal of anger and frustration.

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Staff Writer

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