Letter to the Editor: Cabrini Cross-Country

By Staff Writer
November 16, 2000

After picking up the November 9th issue of The Loquitur, I was absolutely amazed that there was so little attention paid to the fact the Cabrini Men’s Cross-Country team won the PAC Championship. We are used to being pretty much ignored by our own school paper, but I thought that surely winning an unprecedented FOURTH straight PAC Championship would merit more space! This was the ONLY team to win a PAC Championship this fall and the winningest program of all the Cabrini fall sports in the PAC for the past decade. What do we have to do to get your attention?

I realize that the Cabrini Cross-Country team winning a PAC Championship is not as exciting as writing about professional athletes who are making millions of dollars and could care less if a college paper writes about them, but this is your school. These athletes who represent you in a most admirable fashion deserve much more recognition. There was a preview article written last week, but it didn’t really get to the heart of the matter.

These articles are often written by people who have no idea of what the sport is all about and the articles read that way. Why don’t they ever go to the sources that can help and ask questions. Last spring a negative article was written about the track team. The author only spoke to people who were no longer on the team. There were many things written as fact that were wrong. No one ever bothered to talk to me about it and get the other side of the story.

In fact in my 19 years at Cabrini, we have had only ONE reporter bother to come to a track meet or cross-country meet. I haven’t spoken to a reporter from the paper in years.

There was plenty of human drama to write about. If any of your editors or reporters would have taken the time to investigate, you could have written a very exciting and interesting piece. The women and men who train so very hard and sacrifice so much to be successful, unlike many of the spoiled and pampered pros, would have really appreciated a little praise for their heroic efforts this past week-end.

Instead their incredible accomplishments were relegated to a mere paragraph buried in the sports results column. They didn’t even merit their own headline! Little wonder it is so hard for coaches to find dedicated athletes.

Coach Tom O’Hora

Head Coach

Men & Women

Cross-Country/Track & Field

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Staff Writer

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