Letter to the Editor

By Kristen Getka
September 18, 2003

I am writing this in response to the article “Pain Equals PA Reality” in the second issue of the Loquitur. I was very disheartened by the lack of research that your staff writer exhibited in the article. I feel that had this topic been adequately researched, he would have discovered the other side of the story.

Unfortunately the other side that was not presented in the article was one that my family and I experienced first hand when my father died because of a doctor’s lack to respond. While my father was getting an organ transplant, everything was going smoothly until heart complications arose. There was a clamp put on his heart in the beginning, and they tightened it too tight that his heart eventually exploded from the pressure. This is something that should have been avoided in the first place. I would hope that doctors entering a hospital would have sense and enough experience to remember to do something as simple as loosening a clamp. To think that my father could still be with me today, had it not been for those doctors, kills me.

In turn, if doctors are making mistakes, they should have to pay for them. The price of medical insurance in Pennsylvania is high, but that’s because too many doctors are making mistakes, and people have a right to sue. In my case, my aunt decided to sue, because she was mad that our father was taken away from us (I have two sisters). Finally, three years later, we finally are getting some compensation. The good part about it is that the insurance company for Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia wants to settle out of court. My point is that if the doctors are making mistakes, then they should pay, and if doctors are leaving Pennsylvania because of the high costs, then let them go. I don’t want a doctor working on me whose going to make a mistake like the one made on my father.

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Kristen Getka

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