Letter to the editor:

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October 3, 2002

I recently received a parking violation from Public Safety that I feel is very unfair. On Tuesday Sept. 24 I was in the New Residence Hall to participate in a game of Quizzo. I parked on Residential Boulevard, like I have so many times before, but when I returned to my car I found a parking violation ticket for parking in a “residents only” section. Now as both a commuter and a woman I have a few problems with this.

First of all commuters already feel alienated from the rest of the students who live on campus, but to say that I can’t park outside the dorm of a friend I am visiting is not right. I mean what are my options? I can park in the Founders Hall or Dixon Center parking lots and walk across our poorly lit campus late at night. As a woman this not something I feel very comfortable doing.

It is my opinion that it is not smart for a woman to walk by herself late and night no matter where she is. Okay my second option is to just park on Residential Boulevard and get a ticket. This hardly seems worth it. I might as well just stay home and watch TV at night. This is part of what makes commuters feel left out and unwelcome.

Another major problem I have with this is that we all pay the same amount each year to get a permit to park on campus. Yes, that’s right. I, a commuter, pay just as much as a resident for parking, and as such, I should be able to park my car in any student parking spot, whether it be outside house two, outside the Dixon Center, or outside Founders Hall.

I personally do not remember seeing the “commuters only” parking section. If we are going to be fair, then both Founders Hall and Dixon Center parking lots should be for commuters only.

I understand that residents need places to park their cars, and maybe Residential Boulevard shouldn’t be crowded with commuter cars, but the same should go for commuters. What about when I am running a few minutes late because I got stuck in traffic on the way to class and there is no place in Founders Hall to park my car because there are residents’ cars parked there since they are to lazy to walk to class. I have to park in Dixon, and sometimes am a few minutes late for class because of this.

So it is my feeling that this rule about “residents parking” is unfair. It isolates commuters to know that residents can park anywhere on campus, but we cannot. This is really unfair in my option, and I feel it should be changed.


Mary Hazel

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