Letter to the Editor:

By defaultuser
November 1, 2001

Hey Cabrini!

After four years of reading the Loquitur every Thursday and hearing everyone’s responses to all the campus happenings, I only have one thing to say: SHUT THE HELL UP!

All you people do is complain and personally I am getting very tired of it. Is there anything on this campus that makes any of you happy? Does almost everyone make it his or her destiny to find something to nag about on campus? This school is becoming a real-life soap opera-little unimportant things become major topics. I don’t know how many students there are that agree with me, if any, but the endless complaining is getting very old, very quickly. The only positive thing that comes out of anyone’s mouth on this campus is “how happy they are when they go home for the weekend, so they can get out of this crap hole.” My opinion is, if you don’t like it, then go somewhere else! In response to that statement, everyone I know who has done just that has returned to Cabrini because they realized what they really had when they were here.

Yes, I too have some complaints about Cabrini. Some of them are equal to everyone else’s but I don’t spend my life pondering why things happen on this campus, nor do I waste a second of my life thinking, “This isn’t fair, we spend money for our education, we should get what we pay for,” which happens to be the most common complaint.

So what if there are speed bumps? Go over them slowly; you won’t hurt your car. Those speed limit signs are not just for decoration.

So what if you have to park in the Dixon Center lot? Yeah, it’s further away than the Widener lot, but guess what? Walking burns calories. Here’s another way to look at that–be thankful you even have the car.

Aww, what did Public Safety do this week that you didn’t like? Ninety-eight percent of the residents on this campus complain that Public Safety gave them some kind of a fine for something they call “unnecessary.” People think that just because they go to a private college that they can do whatever they want; break the speed limit, talk back to Public Safety, break doors and put holes in walls when they were so drunk they don’t even remember doing it. I hate to tell you, but when you graduate from this school and get out in the real world, if you break a door or put a hole in a wall because you are drunk, not only do you get fined, but your butt gets thrown in jail. Why should it be any different here? I lived on this campus for five semesters and I never had any fine, nor did I ever get into any trouble. But then again, I’m 22 years-old, and I’ve probably consumed only two ounces of alcohol in my entire life.

I know no one will like hearing this but my opinion is that a lot of Cabrini students have their noses so high in the air and poles so far up their rear ends they should have permanent nose bleeds and continuous constipation. People punch holes in the dorm walls and get mad when they get reprimanded for it, like it was Public Safety’s fault for catching them. That is ridiculous. Grow up and respect the property.

Seriously, is your life going to stop because of some stupid speed bumps? Is the world going to end because you have to walk an extra 700 feet to your car? I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure neither will happen. Things are not done on this campus for no reason or for the reason to piss all of us off. Everything has a purpose, despite what all of you believe. Put your complaints into perspective.

I feel I must apologize if I have offended anyone. I don’t want this letter to come across as if I am accusing Cabrini as being full of snobs. This is not true by any means. There are some very happy students out there who realize what this college is all about. All I am saying is that you need to realize what you have because it really is some good stuff.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not perfect. I never claimed to be. I’m no better than anyone else out there. But I do have one question for you. When any student is asked how they like Cabrini, how many of them actually say, “Oh, I love it!” Am I the only one who does?

Just be thankful you are here.. I know there are people out there that can’t even afford to go to college and would give anything to be in your place-speed bumps and all.

Becki Carman

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