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October 28, 2004

College Republicans:
Get your act together.

Unequivocally matched are the organizational skills of the Cabrini College Republicans with a pack of small, incoherent children whom were just given a day planner and told “Now children, it’s best to stay on top of things.” In other words, the College Republicans were first to withdraw from a debate scheduled for Wednesday Oct.7 due to the fact that they were “pressed for time.” This has proven that the College Republicans are ill-equipped, perhaps even fearing to go up against a “liberal” or “democratic” debate team, who knows. Whatever the case may be, we are annoyed by this decision to cancel the debate because we as an organization, the Student Democrat Association were fully prepared, and ready to rock.

After hearing that the Republicans opted to back out of a “debate,” the SDA proposed the idea of co-hosing an open forum where both parties could answer questions concerning the views of each candidate. This forum would have given the opportunity for students to be further informed of whom they would be voting for Nov. 2.

To further show the College Republicans’ mistake, they completely destroyed a prime opportunity to speak out and be heard. If we were Republicans on campus, we’d be annoyed that our voice had been snuffed out due to a lack of preparedness; possibly even signing up for the College Republicans and demanding either impeachment of elected officials or a completely re-worked executive board. That’s just what we’d think, because we as a democratic organization not only respect both sides, but unlike the un-inspiring College Republicans, we will stop at nothing to ensure that our democratic students are heard.

If you would like to contact the SDA or convert to a more organized, motivated organization please attend our meetings on Wednesday nights, EVERY Wednesday night, beginning at 10:30pm in Founder’s Hall 207. For any of you that are offended by this article you are full of nonsense, these assertions are both factual and relevant to the founding principles of each organization. Before the conclusion of this significant matter, the SDA challenges the College Republicans to an open forum to be held after our much-anticipated event

Friday evening Oct. 29in which a guest speaker and the movie “Going up River,” will be included. Choice is yours College Republicans; we know you will make the right decision. In the future, simply stated, we ask that the College Republicans to try a little harder next time around; we know it’s a frustrating time for them. John Kerry 2004.


The Student Democrat

Posted to the web by Shane Evans

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