Let’s Dance!

By Bridget Medori
October 10, 2012

Good music. Good friends. Good times. Is there anything better than dancing the night away? Cabrini College is no rookie when it comes to throwing a good party. The dances here at Cabrini offer students a fun and safe way to loosen up after a long week’s worth of classes. But things have been shaken up a bit this year!

For years, the dances have been held on Thursday nights. This year, SEaL is trying something new.  After receiving many incident complaints, as well as complaints from faculty about students not showing up for their Friday classes, the dances will now be on Fridays or Saturdays.

SEaL was getting a lot of requests from clubs to throw dances to help raise money for their own particular fundraisers and causes. There would usually be dances every other week. Unfortunately, the clubs were actually beginning to lose money, instead of gaining as a result of the frequency of the dances.  Now, they have been cut down to once a month. Clubs still can charge $3 to $5 for student entry to help with their fundraisers.

These new changes were to let as many clubs hold these dances as possible, and to stop the incident and faculty complaints.  Time will tell if these changes will be successful!

When asked about the Cabrini dances in general, there received mixed reviews.  There were two common themes that kept recurring. Most of the people polled either never have been to a dance, or loved them and were avid goers.

A junior history major, Tara Whelan, said, “ I never went to a dance here in my life and I never really would want to.” On the complete other side if the spectrum, Rachel Layden, a junior education major, said, “ The dances are something fun to do on a Friday or Saturday night. I know I personally turn them into a girls night and hang out with all of my friends.”

Whether you are a fan of the dances or not, the new changes were made for you. If you refuse to be that person doing schoolwork on a Friday night, or just looking to support or raise money for a good cause, then you know what you need to do. Just dance!

Bridget Medori

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