Less Is More

By Justin Hallman
April 22, 2004

Mark Garlit

Contradicting yourself isn’t the best way of proving that you’re right, however I’m going to try and do that now. I’m writing this story on my lap top computer and will send it via e-mail for publication. It’s a great commodity of convenience, I’ll admit it, but I always come to a realization that the technology and modern advances we come across every year that make things easier, might just make them difficult.

I mean, whatever happened to paper and pencil? Where have the old 8-tracks, records and cassettes gone? Where have you been all my life pet rock? I agree, all the new things in life are great. They are convenient, easy, comfortable, and effortless. It’s complete laziness actually. Cell phones are great, I have one; but how many times do you hear about people getting in accidents because they were driving while talking on the phone? Or what about someone putting all their confidence in their computer and then it crashes at the last minute?

I wish at times I could just go back to the so called “Golden Years,” where supposedly everything was simpler, easier, and less confusing. Although I never lived during that time, it sounds like in the long run, it may have been better. The opportunities we possess in the present, are things I would never pass up, however the advantages of less crime, less confusion and an overall safer environment really attract me to the old days.

All the new things we acquire these days seem to while they do help us a lot, they also at times hinder us as well. With the evolution of people, mechanics, technology, etc., we see the evolution of crime, drugs and war. The news isn’t really “news” anymore; it’s the same old stuff we see every day. Another murder. Another fire. Another war. More people dying, more people crying. I honestly believe that many of the reasons for all the bad things in life, are because of the “good” things we have and what others strive for. Those who have them take it for granted and those who don’t will do anything for them.

It’s the selfish, lazy, jealously laden, dog-eat-dog world that bothers me. They say all the good things will help us out and make everything easier, which they usually for the most part have the ability to do. It gives us the chance to do new things in which having more means less work, less effort and supposedly less stress. I seem to think that maybe we’d all be a little bit happier and the world would be a better place if instead of having “more is less,” we had “less is more.”

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Justin Hallman

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