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By Leonard Brock
November 12, 2014

Honey Cocaine Like A Drug album cover. (Creative Commons)
Honey Cocaine Like A Drug album cover. (Creative Commons)

What are mixtapes? Mixtapes are free gifts of music to fans. They are used to grow a fanbase and expand a fanbase. Many establishing artists make them to have fun and show their rap skills. Singers and instrumental artists can make mixtapes too (Eric Bellinger & Clams Casino). There are no rules most of the time in comparison to making an album. Most artists have complete creative control. This is the reason many people believe mixtapes these days are more appreciated than albums.

Lil Bibby Free Crack 2

Honey Cocaine Like A Drug album cover. (Creative Commons)
Honey Cocaine Like A Drug album cover. (Creative Commons)

Birdman Cash money/Young Money Rap member speaks first with Philadelphia’s DJ Drama introducing the mixtape with a calmer tone. It sets the mood for Lil Bibby’s starting track named “Can I Have Your Attention?” produced by one of hip-hop’s best beat makers, Bangladesh, who teamed up with a producer by the name of Brannu. The song title may seem as if he is asking for your attention but, each time after the hook he says “you better listen.” “Can I Have Your Attention?” gives you that laid back sound. He drops street knowledge and lets the hater who is listening know that Lil Bibby is the man “B**** I am the man.” The beginning of the mixtape has songs with that trap sound (not EDM trap music) and the bass jumping. On the fourth song “For the Low Pt. 2” which features two popular artists Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J is an example of this. Another artist featured and is a Chicago native along with Lil Bibby is Lil Herb who was on this past year issue of the freshmen cover of the XXL Magazine. They go on a tag team rampage full of back and forth lyrics on the onslaught track “Game over.” Audio clips from popular gangsta movies made it for you could listen to the tracks came ahead during the listen. The bonus track “Water Remix” was one of the best on the tape. You can’t go wrong with having these two veterans Anthony Hamilton & Jadakiss on the bonus track. If you like a rapper that gives you both bass bumping, rapping over classic/soulful samples, and chilled out street music with wisdom you should listen to this.

Honey Cocaine Like A Drug

Ms. Cocaine gives you club hits and choruses with this project as she released it for her music fans will love this. “Curveball” is one of those songs. Play this in your whip or when you hang out with your friends. Her introduction on here displays how trill, gangsta, she is on “Don’t Get Along.” “Can’t sit with us” inspired by the movie “Mean Girls”, has the potential to be very popular on the radio. A song like “None of My Business” ft. Kirko Bangz uses the well-known quote said by, Kermit the Frog on the Lipton Tea commercial that became famous on social media. Kid Ink, Torey Lanez, Maino, Snow Product, and T-Rell also had guest appearances on this project.

Lil Boosie’s Life after Deathrow

After spazzing on the single released from Meek Mill “F*** You Mean” Lil Boosie releases a new mixtape to keep his fans in their seats in anticipation of his two double-disc album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell. Boosie style is a little grimier on the mic but, don’t think he just through away his trill bouncing style completely. You can say it is half-and-half now. “No Juice” and “I’m wit Ya” are tracks that displays his original style. While a tracks like “Young N*****” with Shy Glizzy, and “The Fall” are a few of those hard body songs. “Gone Bad – American Horror Story” feat. LIV is a song you can hear Boosie spill his pain and the reality of those who fell to the subject of the streets. You can hear Boosie rap over better beats on this mixtape in comparison to his 2009 mixtape Streetz Iz Mine. It just has you thinking how good his album will be?


Leonard Brock

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