Laughter and tears flood Atrium for Comedy Central

By Staff Writer
April 3, 2003

Matthew Cavailer

It’s a job that anyone can do, but only the chosen ones are successful. Comedy. The mastery of causing pleasurable pain and tears of joy through overwhelming laughter is a gift bestowed upon as Bill Burr and Mark Reedy, who appeared at Cabrini Comedy Central on Tuesday, April 1 in the Grace Hall Atrium.

This event, sponsored by the Campus Activities and Programming Board, drew nearly 80 students out of their dorms. “It was fabulous. I think it was a great response from the crowd,” sophomore Craig Vagell, CAP Board treasurer, said. “I think we put a really great event together.”

Vagell, along with other coordinators from CAP Board crossed paths with both Burr and Reedy at the National Association Campus Activities regional conference.

“Whenever we go to these conferences, we do a ‘politically correct’ act, since no one wants to bring ‘bad people’ to their schools,” Burr said. “Then once we get to the school we do whatever the hell we want.” Burr is a Massachusetts native currently living in New York City, N.Y.

“I always wanted to be a comedian, I just never said it out loud because I didn’t want people telling me it was a crazy idea,” he said. Burr participated in a talent contest while in college, and although he did not win “it felt right.” Burr said, “Plus it beats having a real job.”

Burr’s performance was preceded by Reedy, who hails from Chicago, Ill., and is currently in transition between Cleveland, Ohio, and New York. “The thing about us is that we pride ourselves in being college comedians. Not everyone can do it.” Because of the requirements to tone down language and content, Reedy, along with Burr, are a few exceptions that can entertain a college crowd for extended periods of time while keeping the subject matter at a respectable level.

After briefly studying communications in college and then going on to become a hair designer, Reedy decided to give comedy a try. “I used to do comedy in the salon I worked in and decided to do it just for fun,” he said. “Then I got bit by the bug.” “It was a lot of fun and very entertaining,” freshman Colleen Bowman said. Many students made the trek to the Atrium to see these two comedians performed, and the overall consensus of the crowd was one of enjoyment.

“I thought it was really funny,” senior Toya Bradley said. “They should have more things like this and maybe try to pull more people here too. This was really good.”

“I saw people laughing and crying because the jokes were so great,” Vagell said. “It turned out nice for a Tuesday night event. I’m proud of the CAP Board and all the people who worked tonight to make it a success.”

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