Laugh and giggle with the new death traps of today

By Matthew Keller
October 23, 2008

Every kid at heart wants to have the latest and greatest toys of the week or what’s hitting big on the market for the month. New gadgets that are on the market now are not even close to being as high tech as they were ten maybe five years ago.

Only about 10 years ago the first colored Gameboy came out and kids went nuts, and maybe only about eight years ago Xbox came out and that was a huge hit. Now they have the Nintendo DS and the Xbox 360, which tops their past forms by a long run.

There are also these crazy new inventions that are on the down low but seem really awesome, but maybe be hazardous. To start off there is this fuel cell bike that came on the market around five years ago, but no one has really heard of. This fuel cell can reach speeds up to twenty mph with no help from the rider.

This sounds like a little kids dream, right? Well think again. The problem with this bike is that it runs on something that has a tendency to explode, hydrogen. While this problem may not concern some people, think twice about buying it.

Not only are there good ideas that turn out to be unsafe, there are unsafe ideas that are clearly unsafe such as the strap on helicopter. There is no need for an explanation of why the strap on helicopter is an unsafe idea; the name says it all.

If you seriously wanted to purchase one of these bad boys it would coast your around 100,000 dollars. This product is not available yet, however it is currently being tested. Talk about a death trap though. There is no good idea from having two large blade twirl above your head, potentially cutting of your head.

Here comes an idea from the waterfront, a flying boat. Not entirely a flying boat; the back end stays in the water while the front of the boat is lift from the water so there is less surface are hitting the water (less friction equals more speed!). This is not completely a bad idea, however anything that goes as fast as this boat, situations become dangerous.

Reaching speeds up to 80 mph this baby can cut through water like a hot knife in butter. The flying boat has been on the market since 2002 but has constantly been improving. The coast of this boat starts at $59,500; just a little more than the average car. Next time your thinking about buying another car, think about getting a flying boat.

Did you say motorized surfboard? Yes, there is such a thing. A motorized surfboard has hit the market since 2002 and apparently is still selling. This blank that sits on the water cause zoo across the water to speeds that reach 45 mph. The bad part of this idea is that you are standing on something that is basically being pulled out from under your feet (do to the horsepower).

If you know how to ride one of these than go for it, but if you are trying to look for something to start fresh on, do not waste your money. The Motorized surfboard is a jaw dropping $6,000, in other words clearly not worth it.

Last of these outgoing inventions are the Power Boots. How do they work? There is this certain type of tubing in the back of this shoe that has the ability to contract than expand again in a super fast manner, thus sending you sky high. These shoes are only are still only a prototype and have yet to be estimated in price. One false move with these shoes and you ankle can be twisted in ways you never thought possible. We will se how these shoes do when they are set to the market.

All these inventions are clever and have a sense of innovation to them. As with anything new, you must proceed with caution and with these new gadgets, caution and precautions should be taken to consideration.

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Matthew Keller

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