Lady Cavs bump to 15-7 overall

By Mike Bieker
October 18, 2007

cabrini athletic department

The Rosemont Ramblers volleyball team did not live up to their name when they faced the Cabrini Cavaliers on Oct. 8, 2007. The Ramblers stood quietly in awe as they watched the opposing team deliver each ball back with a message.

“By giving good passes and digging the ball we were able to run our offense and have fun,” sophomore exercise science major Traci Beltz said.

The Cavaliers were a team that played in unison. Each player protected their designated spot and conversed out loud as an incoming ball was played to their side. The Ramblers played each ball individually and remained quiet during the discourses of the game.

“Our team was really focused. We worked very well together to execute what we learned in practice,” sophomore biology and pre-med major Lizzie Williams said.

The match between Cabrini and Rosemont consisted of three matches. In the first two matches, the Cavaliers ruled the court keeping the Ramblers playing catch-up.

Match two was the closest of the matches. The Ramblers did not allow the Cavaliers to build an increasing score like they did in the prior two matches. In the end of match three the Ramblers lost after a kill by sophomore Kate Conahan.

Cabrini won all three matches ultimately winning the game against Rosemont.

“I’m proud of my team,” junior exercise science major Lindsay Martin, said. “We played to our level. We did not play down; we played hard.”

The Cavaliers current record is 15-7, winning all of their last five games. Their next game is Oct. 20 at 1 pm in the Dixon Center.

Mike Bieker

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