Lady Cavaliers look to rebound after loss

By Kara Driver
September 18, 2008

Megan Pellegrino

The Lady Cavs suffered its second loss of the season but have not lost faith in its team. Their 3-1 loss against Misericordia University puts them at a record of 3-2.

Sophomore special education major Courtney Davis said, “Even though it is our second loss of the season, we still have plenty of games to prove ourselves. Today just wasn’t our day and every team has days like that.”

Melissa Benedetti took six shots, scoring one for the Cavs. Lauren Alessi assisted her goal by passing the ball right in front of the goalie so Benedetti could put it right in. Alessi had five shots on goal but none were successful.

Goalie Caitlin Donahue had 12 saves against Misericordia helping the team to only lose by two. Donahue, a sophomore graphic design major, has definitely proved herself in goal.

The team was given many chances on corner plays but the ball just was not hitting the back of the goal.

Davis said, “Corner plays are always a great opportunity for the team and we practice them a lot during practice, but today was just not our day for corner plays.”

Assistant coach Julie Smith had a lot to say about the game. “Every team loses, but I do not want them to get discouraged and they need to keep their heads up. We have to look forward to our next game and not dwell on the past,” Smith said.

Smith never loses faith in her team and always puts a smile on the player’s faces, win or lose. “I hate when I see my players down and I always try to make them laugh and look forward to the next practice and game.”

The field hockey team can be found on the turf on Tuesday, Sept. 16, against Delaware Valley.

Davis said, “This should be a very good game and should really test our ability, but if we can beat them we will really prove ourselves as a great team.”

Senior captain Kate Ryan said, “I am upset about our loss, but we still played very well as a team and never gave up. We played to the very last second.”

Smith said, “Our next game will be strenuous, but we will do our best and always keep our heads high.”

Kara Driver

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