Know your professor: Dr. Raquel Green

By Brittany Lavin
April 24, 2008


Dr. Raquel Green joined Cabrini this semester as a professor of romantic languages and literatures.

Green was born in Argentina in the capital city of La Pampa, a province in the interior of Argentina. Green describes growing up there as a wonderful experience, although “small town” despite there being nearly 70,000 inhabitants. The areas around where she lived were big agricultural and cattle ranches.

“My family had land there and we would visit on weekends and go horseback riding,” Green said. “It’s a place where you feel the presence of nature in the huge expanses of land and steely blue skies.”

Green first came to the United States as an American Field Service foreign-exchange student.

“When I returned to Argentina, I met the young man from Pennsylvania who was to become my husband,” Green said. “We studied for a year in Buenos Aires and married in Argentina before moving to the U.S. to continue our educations.”

Green did her undergraduate studies at Villanova University and went to graduate studies at Bryn Mawr College where she received her MA and PhD.

Besides Cabrini, Green had taught at Bryn Mawr College for 11 years.

In her spare time, Green enjoys reading and listening to baroque music. When the weather is nice, she and her family enjoy walking on the Perkiomen trails.

In the classroom, Green hopes to contribute to the development of students’ minds and hearts so they can leave with a desire to work for peace and justice in their communities.

“Being able to open young minds and hearts to the possibilities of a life committed to change is the unique opportunity and challenge for Cabrini faculty,” Green said. “There are many opportunities for service at Cabrini and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Brittany Lavin

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