Fire at the Kingswood apartments, home to many Cabrini students

By Natalie Fritz
February 18, 2020

Two fire alarms went off on Wednesday night Jan. 30, at the Kingswood Apartments in King of Prussia. The Cabrini students that live there were shocked by the fire. The fire started around 10:00 p.m. It spread very quickly.

Many residents were trapped in their apartments due to the fire. The firefighters and company helped people evacuate as quickly as possible. Some residents had to jump out of windows or from balconies to escape.

About 30 families were displaced by the blaze, according to the American Red Cross of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Some Cabrini students that live there are seniors Brielle Toff and Allison Risell. Both students were home while the fire took place. They both couldn’t believe what had happened so close to where they live.

Toff was walking home from her neighbor’s house and saw and smelled smoke and could see that the sky was filled with smoke as well.

Smoke coming out of the apartment building. Photo by Brielle Toff

” I saw everyone who lived on my street walking towards the fire so I followed them to see what was happening. Firefighters were breaking windows to all of the apartment buildings,” Toff, senior communication major, said.

Roads were blocked so firefighters and other help were able to get through quickly. News vans and helicopters were flying all over the place.

Toff said it was the building right behind hers. She explained how they are still doing repairs and most of the building is boarded up. Thankfully Toff did not know anyone who was affected by the fire.

Another Cabrini student who lives in the Kingswood Apartments was very alarmed at the time of the fire. Risell heard sirens on Wednesday night and could see the buildings on fire.

She rushed out to see what was going on and could hear sirens going off from every direction. She and a friend went outside to see what was going on and saw firefighters going in and out of the boring building.

Apartment building on fire at Kingswood. Photo by Brielle Toff


“I was really worried about the people who lived there. I had never seen a fire that big before. I hope the residents that live there and all the firefighters were okay,” Risell, senior special education major, said.

Risell explained none of the residents knew how the fire started, which may bring concern that the same thing will happen to their apartment again.

It looked like they got right to work on repairing the buildings. The people who lived in those buildings needed to get their homes back as soon as possible.

The fire left 15 people injured, including some first responders. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

It seems as though the cause of this fire was odd noting that the start of it is still very unclear. Investigators are still working hard to figure out the cause of this fire to make sure to avoid it from happening at all coats.


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Natalie Fritz

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