Faculty, staff foster close relationships

By Kellie Levy
April 6, 2010

Like any high school graduate, I was completely unsure if my decision on which college to attend would be the right one.

After multiple college visits, I found Cabrini. It was a match. I remember having my mom let me out of the car so I could walk down the sidewalk  by the library; I had her tell me if I looked right on the campus. She told me I did. And that was that- I’d be at Cabrini in the fall.

After four years at Cabrini, I now have the ability to look back and reflect on my time here. I have had the chance to do so much, and I am not sure if another college would have allowed me the same ability.

During my time here, I have studied abroad in Australia, played on the lacrosse team, joined multiple clubs and groups, and have been a member of the Honors Society.

Each decision I have made here has not only been supported by my teachers and advisors, but also fellow students and coaches. Cabrini has a support system that is rooted in its core values.

The small size of the school allows for individual attention and support that would be difficult to find elsewhere. I have yet to encounter a student from another college or university that has had the opportunity to study abroad, continue to play a sport, and go on to graduate on time and with honors.

The teachers, staff, and faculty at Cabrini College clearly enjoy what they do at Cabrini. Never had I enrolled in a class that I dropped or withdrew from; each professor infuses so much passion into what they are teaching, it is nearly impossible to not become actively engaged.

Also, by being a member of the Honors Society, I took classes that were smaller in size, taught at a higher level of difficulty, and expected more of the students. If offered the chance to enroll in more honors classes, I would not think twice.

Cabrini gives all its students a fair and equal chance at getting the most out of their individual college experience.

I have enjoyed my time here, and am truly envious of those just starting their four years. Cabrini may not be ones typical college or huge university, but what it does offer is unique, extraordinary, and gives every student the chance to succeed.

Kellie Levy

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