Keeping the holiday pounds off

By Karen Schweizer
November 29, 2001

It is often feared and loathed. It stands completely straight, sitting in dust until it is stepped on then clank. The scale is in use.

It is time for the annual Weigh to Go contest, a contest that weighs participants before and after winter break, to promote healthy diet choices. Tracey Greenwood, the promoter of the program, has found that it has been a great success in many schools, including Cabrini. According to Greenwood “It is a fun program.” In boy-scout style, participants are equipped with a food survival guide, then are let loose into the world of holiday cakes, treats and goodies. The people who haven’t gained weight over the break are rewarded with T-shirts.

“The joy and satisfaction of a good meal doesn’t compare to a T-shirt,” said senior Crystal Boodoo, as a group of students discussed whether or not they would participate.

“Most of us have no initiative as it is.” Josh Taggart, third year student, joked.

“Moderation is good,” Boodoo said “But it is good to have a little fun sometimes. Especially if you are from on-campus where you eat the same thing everyday.”

Both Boodoo and Taggart stated that Weigh-to-go comes at a time of the year that clashes with hunger drives. Both felt that the program could be changed have a more benevolent holiday nature.

“Instead of spending money on God-forsaken T-shirts,” Taggart said, “spend money for people who need it.”

“Eat less then save the rest for the poor,” Boodoo agreed

Supporters of the Weigh-to-go however, expressed holiday enthusiasm. Former student Greg Wood stated that Weigh-To-Go had a Grinch theme last year that was very popular. This year the program is planning to recycle T-shirts from previous years, causing the partial theme to be resurrected. Wood then continued to praise both the program and Greenwood. “Tracy has been doing a great job,” he said. “Shy individuals should come out.”

The program is open to all community members, students, faculty and staff covering the base of the Cabrini community. Members and non-Dixon Center members alike are all welcome to participate. Even the Public Safety officers are invited. “I’m allergic to scales,” joked Officer Gallagher.

Initial weigh-in dates took place on Nov 20 and 2. Final weigh-in dates are Jan 16, 17 and 18. All Weigh-ins will be held in the fitness center.

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Karen Schweizer

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