Just say no to reunions

By Jessica Storm
September 27, 2007

I was never a fan of bands like the Backstreet Boys or ‘N Sync, even back in the day when bands like that were considered God-like and all those who did not agree with the masses were shunned as if they had some horrible contagious disease.

The only thing that comes to mind when I think of these bands are cheesy music videos and screaming crying girls, enough to rival the Beatles.

I trudged through hordes of singing and dancing pre-teens, holding my hands over my ears so their infectious music could not turn me into one of them.

Now, I cannot say that I am completely innocent. I did go through a short yet nonetheless embarrassing phase of Spice Girls mania but I would by no means consider my self an ex-teeny bopper.

It was only for a few weeks!

So when I hear about Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls reunions, it makes me scratch my head. What was so wonderful about these bands that would make people want them to reunite?

Were the Backstreet Boys really some musical genius that I never took notice to?

Were Spice Girls songs actually so empowering that they could be the start of some radical feminist movement?

Both of these notions are highly doubtful, although the concept of “Girl Power” is quite charming.

This type of music appealed to us when we were younger and may have helped some people get through some tough times, like when they broke up with their boyfriend of two weeks, or their mom refused to buy them that new video game.

But we are older now. Most of us, with the exception of a few, have grown up, so why do we need to return to our childhood via some mediocre bands who are just concerned with getting back into the limelight and making a few more bucks?

Isn’t it time that we let go of these teeny bopper bands and moved on to something better?

Quite frankly, it makes me embarrassed to say that I come from a generation that values this type of musical contribution, and I wish that these bands would just fall back off the face of the Earth like they did a few years ago.

To put it quite simply, reunions should be left for bands that are actually good.

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Jessica Storm

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