Jumping on the complaint bandwagon about complaints

By Staff Writer
November 1, 2001

I have been recently irritated by several things on this campus and feel the need to relieve some of the tension caused by these frustrating occurrences. The numerous complaints about the housecleaning staff, the newly installed speed bumps and the lack of lighting around Grace Hall have been complaints of the majority of the campus community and I am now ready to jump on the complaint bandwagon.

My first complaint is not against the housecleaning staff, but rather the resident students. It is my understanding that most people become functioning adults at the age of 18, who are capable of caring for and cleaning up after themselves.

The constant whining of the students living in the dormitories about the cleaning staff not wanting to clean their bathrooms has extremely annoyed me. The purpose of attending college (at least I think) is to be molded and prepared for the so-called “real world.” Well, in the “real world,” most people clean their own bathrooms.

I have developed sympathy for the cleaning staff. If a person’s bathroom becomes so disgusting to the point where even they refuse to enter, then the cleaners should not be responsible for the mess. Anyone who allows his or her bathroom to reach such a state of nastiness is just trifling altogether.

I feel the cleaning staff should only be responsible for Founder’s Hall, Grace Hall, Holy Spirit Library, the Mansion, the Dixon Center and the lounges in the dorms – not the bathrooms used by the residents. What will be next? Having them do your laundry too?

My other two complaints agree with the rest of the campus. Though, I understand the necessity for safety on the campus, I think that the placement of the new speed bumps was not thoroughly thought out. Do the two speed bumps in front of Xavier Hall have to be so close together? Well, since they are cemented to the ground, I will just have to cope with the possibility of getting whiplash.

Finally, the lighting around Grace Hall needs to be increased and it needs to be done soon. In my two years at Cabrini, I have always managed to schedule my classes so that I am on my way home before the sun goes down. However, I recently stayed on campus later than usual to assist the editors of the Loquitur.

As I left Founder’s Hall at 7:54 p.m. and entered the dark realm surrounding Grace Hall, I instinctively began to reach for my mace. I live in a neighborhood where there are few trees and always someone outside, no matter the hour.

The chirping of dozens of crickets in the wooded campus scenery and the lack of a potential witness (should some deranged attacker emerge from the bushes) placed me into the middle of every horror film I have seen to date.

As I scurried to my car (which just had to be parked at the Dixon Center) I prayed that a fellow classmate would not become an innocent victim of 20 minutes of temporary blindness due to my paranoia. A brighter campus at night is definitely necessary here at Cabrini.

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Staff Writer

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