Humble McSorley provides leadership for men’s lacrosse team

By Amanda Toth
February 28, 2012

John McSorley is a senior defenseman for the men's lacrosse team at Cabrini. -- Jenay Smith / Photo Editor

John McSorley, senior early elementary and special education major with a minor in psychology, walked over after practice with his one lime green shoe lace and one pink shoe lace standing out. He introduced himself right away with a friendly smile through his helmet’s facemask and an outstretched hand. As he got his pictures taken, his teammates yelled encouragements at him.

No. 25 on the field, McSorley is a defensive starter and the captain of the men’s lacrosse team. This is his second year as the captain. His teammates and coaches describe him as a great leader, determined and hardworking.

“[McSorley] is one of the better players that I have been able to work with in my six years here,” assistant coach Brian Felice said.

His coaches and teammates are all very supportive of him and praise him as a player and a person.

“He is the anchor and voice of the defense,” Andrew Zelinski, senior midfielder, said. “He is outgoing and a good leader.”

Zelinski also jokes that McSorley is “the best on the team” but McSorley humbly denies that statement.  It is obvious that McSorley is loved by his team. His teammates have nothing but nice things to say about him.

It is not always fun and games for McSorley though. He describes himself as a student first.

“I have to take care of business in the classroom before I go on the field,” McSorley said.

He says that his studies are important to him and that he always has to make sure that he gets his schoolwork done. He knows when to have fun and when to crack down and do his work.

Since McSorley is so busy with school and practice, he likes to wake up early to get work done.  He knows how to budget his time so that he can do all that he wants to do.

“I’d rather get up early than stay up late finishing work,” McSorley said. “At night, I like to unwind, eat dinner and relax.”

He has classes all day before attending practice and lifts after practice on some days.  He doesn’t have much spare time but when he does he likes to hang out with friends, family and do “normal stuff.”

McSorley has been playing lacrosse since he was in seventh grade and has played for Cabrini for all four of his years here. He has played football, baseball and basketball in the past. If he was not playing lacrosse, he would probably be playing basketball. Originally, he was going to play both basketball and lacrosse at Cabrini. However, he ended up only doing lacrosse because it was too much to do both sports while keeping up with school work and a social life.

His teammates joke with him about how great he is but it is obvious that there is truth behind their statements.

“He is going to lead the defense and the team this year,” head coach Steve Colfer said.

McSorley contributes a lot of who he is as a player to his teammates. He gets along with everyone and helps support every member of his team.

“One thing I would say is without the guys around me, I wouldn’t be the player I am now,” McSorley said.

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Amanda Toth

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