Jess Storck lives her dream

By Jennifer Dalvano
December 6, 2001

Some may say it’s only a game, but to Jess Storck, senior women’s soccer player, it is a passion. Storck began playing soccer at the age of five for an organized sport team, since then she dreamed of playing college soccer. Storck is proud to say she has lived her dream.

She came to Cabrini not knowing what to expect now she is leaving with memories and experiences that she will never forget. When Storck came as a freshman, she did not think that she would be able to handle the college atmosphere for very long. Inexpertly, after trying out for the women’s soccer team and making it she immediately became accepted into a group of dedicated players, who over the years have now developed into what she would call her good friends.

“It was my dedication to the team and to the sport that has kept me motivated both as a player and a person for so many years,” Storck exclaimed while trying to come up with words that could truly explain how soccer has impacted her life.

Storck later revealed that in high school she was told she did not “have what it takes” to play soccer on a collegiate level, that being her inspiration to prove that she could. “I vowed to myself that I was going to continue to play the best soccer that I could,” Storck said confidently.

“Playing soccer at Cabrini was the best decision I ever made. It gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my strengths, celebrate the victories and accept the defeats,” says Storck “As a player and as a person, I feel that I have developed many qualities that will carry over in life after I graduate. As for the team, I have learned that you do not have to be friends with everyone, however, once you make the decision to step out on the field and give it your all, then no of the BS (stuff) matters.”

Storck, with her accomplishments such as, four year starter, two-time All PAC conference team honors, two-time PAC honors, two-time PAC honor roll of the week, 1999 Coaches Choice Award, 2001 team MVP, second on teams points list, has definitely impacted women’s soccer her at Cabrini.

Although Storck’s collegiate eligibility is up, she would “welcome opportunity to remain part of the Cabrini Women’s Soccer program.” Storck noted she “would like to wish the team good luck as they look towards a successful season next year under the direction of new head coach, Ken Prothero.”

After graduation, Storck plans on coaching club soccer in south Jersey and eventually hopes to advance to coaching at a high school level.

“My soccer experience here at Cabrini is one that I will never forget,” Storck asserted.

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Jennifer Dalvano

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