Jazzman’s not cutting it

By Elyssa McFadden
March 31, 2005

Shawn Rice

It seemed like so long ago when students weren’t bitching about the food that was served for meal exchange. That was back in the days of the Wigwam. It feels like a long time ago but it was only two short years ago. For those who weren’t here at that time, it was the place to go if you missed the cafeteria and wanted to grab a quick bite to eat or for commuters to sit and eat before or after class. It has since been replaced by Jazzman’s Cafe.

Here I am, two years later and still find myself missing the Wigwam. There was a variety in the food and it was good. Sure some of it was greasy and unhealthy, but let’s face it, that’s what college students prefer.

I remember being able to buy a small pizza and fountain soda, which happens to be my favorite kind of drink, for meal exchange. If I wanted to take a healthier route, I would get a sandwich, and for those who wanted to go really healthy, there were salads available. All of these choices would include a drink and possibly something else depending on what someone got and it would all be included with meal exchange.

The Wigwam used to have friendly employees who made any kind of sandwich someone wanted and it seemed fresh. Let’s not forget about those chicken finger wraps that were loved by so many. It was a good amount of food. It filled students up and they were able to sit and enjoy their meal. The place was packed for lunch and dinner.

Now, switch your attention to Jazzman’s. It looks great. It is very inviting to the parents of incoming freshmen, which is basically what it’s there for. Sure the coffee’s okay. The environment is enjoyable, but who cares? It’s the food that students want.

Commuters probably don’t want to pay $7 for a soggy salad and a drink. Quite frankly, the amount of money that residents pay for a mandatory meal plan is also ridiculous. How is it possible that students used to be able to get a hearty meal from the Wigwam for less than the cost of one salad with no drink from Jazzman’s? There are basically three choices at Jazzman’s.

A salad, which by the way I hope no one is a vegetarian, because they don’t have any salads with no meat in it and if you want to substitute more vegetables for meat, they charge extra, yeah I don’t get it either. If you are wondering, I am not a vegetarian, just sticking up for those who are. Oh yeah, I forgot to add the part that if you do get a salad you better have some flex money because meal exchange won’t even cover it.

The next choice is a bagel. Mmm, how boring. Third is your choice of the same types of sandwiches that look like they have been sitting there for a good week. They kind of remind me of the glass dessert cases in a diner. They look good but you know that it would be better if you didn’t eat them and therefore don’t even consider it.

I will admit I liked Jazzman’s the first few weeks of school before the tomato soup tasted like watered down tomato sauce and the sandwiches were brand new. Now, I will only go there if I skip lunch to get a few drinks.

I guess by now you have realized my disappointment in the new, impressive-looking place that used to be the Wigwam. My point is that at the end of the day, I don’t want to go to bed hungry, I don’t want to go anywhere hungry for that matter.

I love food and Jazzman’s just doesn’t cut it.

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Elyssa McFadden

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