Jazzman’s food facts alarm students

By Grayce Turnbach
September 29, 2006

Jazzman’s food is not as healthy as it looks; sky high fat grams and calories are what is being served to consumers.

A Cobb salad at Jazzman’s contains 57 grams of fat and 650 calories. That’s right, a salad!

Amanda Arnold, sophomore mathematics and secondary education major, said, “I went to there a lot last year and thought I was doing better by getting a chef salad or popcorn chicken salad. Now I know that’s as bad as eating a whopper from Burger King.”

Jazzman’s used to be a convenience for me as a commuter without a meal plan, but after seeing the information I realized that the real convenience would be to pack my own lunch and avoid eating at Jazzman’s.

“I usually eat at Jazzman’s three times a week,” Andrew Pilar, a sophomore social work major said. “I will reinforce my choices next time to say the least.”

For people who are dieting and trying to eat healthy they need to know just exactly what they are putting into their mouths.

Jazzman’s does not make it accessible for students to see the nutritional information while ordering.

“How can it be so unhealthy?” sophomore Colleen LeFevre said. People eat with their eyes; things that may look healthy and delicious are not always what they think they are.

“I’ll tell people not to get the things that I have seen here today. I used to get a chocolate chip cookie at Jazzman’s and I just found out that it has 598 calories in it. I won’t get that anymore!” LeFevre said.

Taken back by the factual information provided to him, Pilar said, “I thought this was a joke, because I normally don’t mind about this kind of stuff, but wow! This is pretty serious. That is awful.”

When the cafeteria is closed most students resort to jazzman’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner to use meal exchange. I know from now on that Jazzman’s is not an option for me. Maybe others will think twice before going there.

The food may taste good – but it is misleading.

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Grayce Turnbach

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