Jane’s Addiction Rocks the Spectrum

By Other Staff
October 11, 2001

The lights dimmed as a full house at the spectrum waited in anticipation for Jane’s Addiction to take the stage. Everyone looked as if they were ready to explode at the first note struck. Last Wednesday night, Jane’s Addiction played in Philadelphia for the first time in four years. Their fans had high expectations and the band did not disappoint.

After they walked out on stage, Jane’s Addiction went right into the song “Kettle Whistle”, as dancers pranced around underneath the giant skirt lead singer Perry Farrell was wearing. The stage was decorated with lights and dancers to compliment the bands outlandish sound. After being eased into the show with the first song, the crowd stood ready to explode. As the band dove into the second song, “Ocean Size”, it was pure mayhem as people began jumping around and screaming the lyrics.

The band’s original bassist Eric Avery declined to join Jane’s Addiction on their current reunion, so they grabbed bassist Martyn Lenoble from Farrell’s other outfit, Porno For Pyros.

The show consisted of two stage setups and several platforms where topless dancers gyrated to the music. The band was tight and sounded fresh as ever and they played with pure energy.

Jane’s Addiction proved last Wednesday night that they are still a vital force in the music world. They never cease to be among the strangest group of guys around. They also never cease to put on a spectacular concert.

Other Staff

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