It’s just one more ‘Late Night’ on Cabrini’s campus

By Melani Gomes
February 19, 2004

Friday the 13th was anything but scary this year. The Office of Student Activities hosted its much celebrated “Late Night” on Friday, Feb. 13, with many fun-filled activities for students all across campus to enjoy. The event is a pilot program to help Director of Student Activities Jason Bozzone, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Amy Hecht, as well as the rest of Cabrini’s students to see if this is something Cabrini can hold in the future.

Many of the student workers at the event feel it’s a good idea for the College. Freshman Jeanmarie Deissler, who worked at the “Decorate your own black and white cookie” booth said, “I think it’s a cute idea, and a great activity for the students.”

Andy Culp, sophomore history and political science major, worked at Jazzman’s caf, and said “I enjoy how the music has changed from jazz to a more upbeat sound. It get’s people in a better mood.”

“Late Night’ kicked off with the movie “Alex and Emma,” starring Kate Hudson, playing in the Widener Center, and some of the students couldn’t wait to turn on the large screen TV in the caf on to Playstation’s “Madden 2004” and “Grand Theft Auto” Steph Heinz hosted her own version of “Singled Out” in which two Cabrini students won a TV, and CD. In addition, there were several games being played at the Dixon Center such as dodge ball and basketball.

A survey was handed out at the beginning of the event, and based on the response from the students, it looks as though “Late Night” is something Cabrini could look forward to doing again.

On the possible future of these events, Bozzone said, “Students have a responsibility to be involved at Cabrini. Based on their involvement and what we see will determine if there are more events.

Trying to steer away from the image of a “suitcase college,” providing events such as this will possibly help to entice students to stay on the weekends, meet new people, and ultimatly, have the chance to enjoy the whole college experience.

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Melani Gomes

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