Is it immaturity or preference?

By Katie Engell
April 23, 2009

As soon as I came to college, and even towards the end of high school, I started noticing that some guys choose to chase outspoken, mean or basically snotty girls.

This obviously confused me from the start because I didn’t understand what guys liked about girls who placed themselves on a throne. To me, that’s one of the most unattractive traits to possess; just to think you’re better than the majority.

I understand that some guys have a preference for girls that are more outspoken than themselves but if the girl is just plain mean or stuck up then the guy is looking out for his best interest.

If a guy were attracted to a girl that has a bolder personality than themselves, then it would make perfect sense for them to chase girls like this.

My explanation for why guys choose these girls is the general age of college students. Someone’s age directly affects their actions and why they make the decisions they make. People’s actions boil down to their maturity levels and at our age, people are still immature in nature.

Basically, a guy’s maturity level is what persuades them to make certain decisions about what kind of girl they are looking for at a particular time in their life.

Most college guys, and girls for that matter, are an age of experimentation and they aren’t in a rush to find their true love.

This idea of majority level can also be said for the girls who choose to act this way. A lot of the time it’s an attitude that they possess because of their age but they could easily grow out of this stage.

Thinking in terms of a long lasting relationship, most guys, in my opinion, wouldn’t sustain a stable and long term relationship with girls that possess these traits. When in college, they may find a girl like this desirable but in the long run and the future, most guys wouldn’t want to settle down with a girl like that.

Katie Engell

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