Is Cabrini getting its money’s worth from WOOD Dining

By Ryan Norris
October 31, 2002

Paul Williams

I want to start off by saying I have nothing against the workers and employees at WOOD dining, and they work their hardest and do an awesome job and this message is not towards them. On the other hand, the WOOD Company has been getting very questionable in my mind.

As a Cabrini student, our tuition pays for our food plans throughout the year. That’s not only the food we’re paying for. It’s the dishes, the glasses, the silverware, and all the appliances too. Recently we have had plastic plates, silverware and cups because of the broken dishwashing machine. I can understand this machine breaking down one or two times during a year, but this has been happening about once a week. This most recent time it was out for more than three days.

What is making it break down so much, and why can’t they get it fixed so it won’t do that again? I went to lunch the other day, and there was no forks left, the cups were all gone, and I had to ask three times and wait 10 minutes before some more came out. Not only are we wasting our money for paper plates, but they’re not even there sometimes.

If this machine broke down that many times and there was just nothing that could be done right now, I could easily understand that, but they should have back-up plates, silverware, and cups that are a little more quality than plastic.

All through grade school and high school I’ve used trays, plates and silverware, and I can’t remember one day when the machine went down.

What is causing this to keep happening and why can’t it be fixed with the money we pay to eat. I’m not fighting that the cost is too high at all, but I am if I’m going to pay that much, I want that much quality, not paper once a week.

As I said before, this is in no way towards any of the workers, but to the company, WOOD. Could it be time to start thinking of a new company?

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Ryan Norris

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