Iraqi election hints at strong government

By Morgan Miller
February 12, 2009

The preliminary results from Iraq’s first national election in four years labeled Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki the victor. Maliki, of the Dawa Party, serves as a sign of hope to Iraqis for a strong central government. Sunni tribal leaders, believing that Sunnis in charge of the provincial government were guilty of electoral fraud, were quickly kept from causing any harm by an overnight curfew and armed forces to confront any civilians with weapons.

Obama’s nominees face tax problems

Officially, three of Obama’s White House cabinet members have all been found not paying taxes. Tom Daschle, Obama’s closest confidant in the collect of cabinet members, withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services due to his negligence to pay $128,000 in taxes. The money was used for a friend’s chauffer and car service. Nancy Killefer, the nominee for the chief White House performance officer, withdrew because she failed to pay payroll taxes for a household employee. Timothy F. Geithner, Treasury Secretary, was late on his payment for taxes totaling $34,000, which received him much criticism and pay publicity. The findings of these three individuals is causing suspicion among the rest of the members and providing Republicans with more information to argue against President Obama.

Welfare fails to provide aid in rough economy

The economy is continually getting worse for Americans, creating a time when welfare could provide a much-needed aid. However, even though unemployment is on the rise, welfare is at the lowest level seen in the past 40 or more years. Welfare rolls have actually been cut in 18 of the 50 states over the last year. The declining level of welfare is concerning people that the government may not be doing enough to help those in desperate situations.

Obama cuts corporate payroll

President Obama took a drastic step in order to defend taxpayers and their money by placing a cap on corporate salaries. As the economy worsened and money was provided
for the financial industry, it became evident that bonuses were being given in order to increase salaries to sky-high limits. Obama placed a cap on cash compensation of $500,000 and scrutiny of “necessary” luxuries, such as private jets and country club memberships.

Australian wildfires claim total of 130 and rising

Australia is experiencing a devastating disaster as wildfires sweep the country, making it the worse scenario since a similar one in February of 1983. The death toll is currently at 130; however, as firefighters search the remains of various homes and buildings, the death toll may rise. Police suspect that these fires may be more than just a natural disaster, and arson is suspected in at least two of the fires located in the eastern part of Victoria state. An emotional Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd referred to these devastating wildfires, the worst in Australian history, as “mass murder.”

Morgan Miller

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