iPhone: Grasp technology in the palm of your hand

By Katie Clark
September 13, 2007


By now almost everyone has at least seen or heard about the iPhone. Some have been even lucky enough to hold the new technology super-model. The new iPhone came out on June 29 provided by AT&T and made by Apple, the same maker of the iPod and iTunes.

On June 28 and 29, hundreds of people camped out waiting to spend between the range of $499-$599 on the iPhone.

So what makes this phone any different or special from all the other high-tech cell phones?

The iPhone has everything in the Apple world. It contains the internet, an iPod, a 2.0 megapixels camera and phone. The cell phone contains storage of a 4GB and 8GB depending upon how much money is spent.

The iPhone can sync with your MAC, PC or internet services. The internet services are an extra $20 on the monthly bill.

A minimum two-year service plan is required to purchase the iPhone and its features.

The iPhone is a touch screen. You can make calls, read texts, listen to voicemails in any order, select different pictures and zoom in and out with just the touch of a finger.

The phone can be held horizontal or vertical. The screen just goes along with whichever way it is turned.

The iPhone homepage offers helpful “finger tips” that make handling the iPhone easier and more convenient.

The site also offers a guided tour that walks consumers through working their iPhone and all its features.

Along with the guided tour, there are videos that give step-by-step instructions to activate the iPhone as well as work the keyboard.

According to apple.com, the consumer gets free shipping if they purchase their phone online.

Cathy Yungmann, associate professor of communication, carried three digital devices before the iPhone.

“It was such a tangle of cables to keep everything synced with my computer and charged. Now I have even more all in one iPhone,” Yungmann said.

The iPhone is the modern-day computer in a hand-held version. Apple is labeling the new cell phone as the “revolutionary phone.”

Recently, the price of the 8GB iPhone has dropped to $399.

Why own a big computer or a laptop when you can have all the same features and a little bit more in your hand?

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Katie Clark

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