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By defaultuser
November 4, 2004

Scott Fobes

“Better idea to spend more money on an event. Have one big event. More people will be interested and will attend.”

“It’s a good idea to spend more money and time [on events]. More people will attend and have a good time.”

“I think it is a good idea that they spend more money for fewer events. More people would attend. The events would be better quality if they spent more time on one event as opposed to more little events.”.

” Spend less for more. The more events might get more people to stay on the weekends. It may create more life on campus.”

“Spend less money; more events would be better. We want a campus where people will want to stay on the weekends; make it the place to be. I do though, think CAP Board is already doing a great job.”

Posted to the Web by: Scott Fobes


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