Intramurals to spice up athletics in fall

By Christopher Rogers
April 28, 2005

Often intimidated by a lifestyle of commitment and pressure, Cabrini College redefined the meaning of sports by introducing a sequence of fun, outgoing activities.

Ranging from basketball, soccer, flag-football and even kayaking, Cabrini’s affiliates are welcomed to take part in any such activities at the start of each semester.

According to Orlin Jespersen, director of intramurals and recreation, the program begun in October of 2004, in hope to involve the community in a fun, playful manner.

Though still recent a program, focus is aimed to establish well-rounded leagues, which, in turn, will have the freedom to compete in tournaments at the end of each season.

“I’m really focusing my attention on getting things started at this point and time. Though things are off-and-on slow, each sport will be dealt with individually. I know there’s interest out there, and will market each one accordingly.”

During the unfolding of the spring semester, students as well as faculty and staff members were given the opportunity to take-part in kayak rolling classes at the Dison Center’s swimming pool. Instructed by the Philadelphia Canoe Club, trainees gracefully learned the art and techniques that would best serve them during a daring journey down local rivers.

In addition to such fun activities, Tuesday night rock-climbing is offered for anyone sharing a glimpse for the extreme.

“About 10 students and I go down to a local rock-climbing gym for a few hours. It’s a lot of fun,” Jesperson said. For the more ‘down-to-earth,’ basketball, volleyball and softball are also available for equally thrilling meets.

Though unsure as to how scheduling will unfold, Jesperson believes that each athletic category will be divided into two, six-week slots, depending on Cabrini’s scholastic agenda.

Special “free-agent lists” will be made available next semester for any college affiliate interested in joining a team. For more information, please visit Orlin Jesperson in the Dixon Center, or by phone at (610) 225-3909.

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Christopher Rogers

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