Intramurals: ‘Odd man out if you don’t play’

By Liz Garrett
February 21, 2008

shannon keough/asst. copy editor

Orlin Jespersen is the staff person in charge of planning and organizing all of Cabrini’s recreational activities both inside and outside of the Dixon Center. Jespersen’s primary responsibility is to promote and encourage student involvement in club sports and in intramurals. Prior to being hired at Cabrini Jespersen worked as a volleyball coach, wanting nothing more than to contribute to the development of club sports.

In the fall of 2004, Cabrini was offering the perfect position, and so he took the opportunity. Working as the assistant director of recreation was new to Jespersen and he was determined to mold the programs into his own ideas.

For Cabrini, having this new staff member has led to the option of several more outdoor activities to choose from such as rock climbing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, canopy tour, ski trips and paintball.

In addition to more outdoor recreation, indoor athletics have been given more attention with open play and even tournaments for soccer, flag football, basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, ultimate Frisbee, squash and Nintendo Wii.

“More students participate now more than ever,” Jespersen said when comparing the intramural program at Cabrini years ago to today. “The increase of students living on campus has definitely helped the involvement in recreation.”

According to Jespersen, people expect a well-established intramural program at the college level. He also stressed that guidance was lacking in the recreation department at Cabrini before his arrival, therefore he has been set on making more and more changes. Flag football was one of the activities that sky-rocketed last year in popularity. Jespersen has seen the participation in most activities increase more this year than ever before, and it continues to improve.

Since Jesperson has come to Cabrini, he has been overseeing club sports such as baseball, dodge ball, paintball and capoeira. Each of these club sports were added to the collection of intramurals and there are more expected to come. He stresses the concept that when students contribute their own activity ideas, it makes the program more meaningful.

“You are the odd man out if you don’t play,” Jesperson said, which is the thought he is trying to instill in Cabrini students year after year.

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Liz Garrett

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