Intramural soccer season a success

By Liz Graham
April 18, 2002

For the past two years intramural soccer has been a hit. This year the league was organized by Mike O’ Reilly from the boy’s soccer team. Interest in the league was drummed up mainly through word of mouth. People who were interested in playing for the league formed five teams; red, white, gray, black and blue. Although most of the participants this year were athletes everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun in the future. Last year the improve troupe organized a team and there were a two teams that had a majority of non-athletes on the team. This year the teams played games every Wednesday night for six weeks. Games were played at 10, 11 and 12 o’clock in the Dixon center beginning in January and ending in March. Games were played for two 20 minute halves with a five minute half-time. Six players were on the court at a time; five field players and a goalie.

Everyone involved had a great time and enjoyed the level of competition. Freshman Sean Dugan, also a varsity soccer player, felt that the games were very competitive and fun. For many of the games fans sat on the upper track to cheer on the teams. Sophomore Christa Stella had this to say about being a spectator; “it was entertainment on an off night” and a time “for the girls to take a break and hang out”. There was an enthusiastic response from the teams as well; many of the teams came early to cheer on the teams playing. Despite having a lot of fun there was one conflict with the league this year. There were no assigned referees for the games and often a player from another team became the referee. There were some close games that had a few disputed calls. However, the players brushed bad calls off and continued to enjoy the games.

The final game of the season was played between the grey team led by Dan Jellyman and the blue team led by Anthony Pepe and Sean Dugan. The game ended in a five to three victory for the grey team. For the grey team Phil Catagnus scored two goals, Mike Pape, Mike Rennie, and Dan Jelly all contributed one goal. Stunning the fans with a hat trick, though, was freshman Sean Dugan who scored all three blue team goals. Although intramural soccer has ended this year don’t despair. Intramural softball will be beginning in the spring so keep a look out for sign-ups or if you have any questions call Kate Corcoran at extension 3909. Although most of the participants this year were athletes everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun in the future.

Liz Graham

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