Intramurals kick off at the Dixon Center

By Matt Campbell
October 23, 2003

Intramural sports are underway with five on five basketball. The whistles of the referees, the encouragement of teammates, and the squeaking of the hardwood floor all resonate in the Dixon Center gymnasium as the friendly games become more competitive. Every Tuesday and Wednesday night from 10:30 p.m. until well past midnight the gym is dedicated to all of Cabrini students taking part in intramural basketball this year.

In the past, intramural sports have had mostly male participants, but for the first time this year there are two all-female teams. Intramural sports are open to all Cabrini students.

Kate Corcoran, facility manager said, “Intramurals do not have the stress of winning all the time.” Denis Beovich, a freshman computer science major, is participating in the intramural basketball program for his first time. In reference to why he chose intramurals, Beovich said, “Because it’s fun being on a team with friends and it gives you something to do.” As for the competition in intramural basketball, Corcoran said, “It depends on the teams involved and who is playing who.”

Leading up to the kick off of intramurals this year students were informed, through flyers around campus, to organize teams consisting of a maximum of ten players. This year there are eight teams competing, however there is not a set limit on how many teams can participate. “If there is individual interest we will try to accommodate and put them into a team.” Corcoran said.

Corcoran is in charge of all intramural sports. “We tried running volleyball but that didn’t fly,” Corcoran said. The lack of interest in volleyball led Corcoran to the creation of walleyball. It is volleyball played in the squash courts. The game is four on four with a maximum of six players per team. Walleyball will be a one day event, and will be announced through flyers.

Corcoran is also coordinating a one night recreation event to end the semester. There will be basketball, walleyball, squash, and volleyball.

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Matt Campbell

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