International food stirs up a frenzy in Founder’s hall

By Jillian Smith
October 13, 2006

Shane Evans

Along with the sweet aroma of food, the third floor of Founder’s Hall was decorated with flags from different countries hanging from the ceiling accompanied with festive Spanish music in celebration for “Around the World in Founder’s Hall.” This event occurred Tuesday, Oct. 3, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Jennifer Marks-Gold, International Student Advisor and also the International Club supervisor, was the one in charge of this tasty event. She was dressed in a traditional Chinese jacket kimono that an aunt had bought her from her travels.

“I feel that it is important for our Cabrini Community to be exposed to different cultures,” Marks-Gold said, “and I found that food and music are the best ways.”

Sister Mary Louise Sullivan agrees. “This is a great idea to get students exposed to foods of other countries.”

Every year, Marks-Gold tries to out-do herself with different foods. This year the countries that were represented were: Italy, Israel, France, Thailand, India, Cuba, Vietnam, Turkey and Peru. Food was set up all along tables from different countries with signs to indicate which food was from which country.

“People and students have a fear of the unknown, and food helps that,” Marks-Gold said as she directed students and professors to each of the countries to try the new food.

Cabrini students brought food for other students to try.

Dr. Nicholas Uliano brought in fancy Italian food and Food Services provided the French Orangina, rice, Vietnam egg rolls,and the Thailand cucumber salad.

Aside from trying to choose different foods and countries each year, Marks-Gold also tries to decorate differently. “One year I did balloons,” she said. “I just try to decorate different every year.” Flags from different countries around the world were strung all together and hung from the ceiling over the food to bring a more festive look.

Mandy Green, a sophomore exercise science and health promotion major, said, “I’m usually afraid of weird food, but this stuff is delicious!”

Amanda Sizemore, a junior psychology and philosophy major agreed with Green, and said,”This is cool food from different countries. I probably wouldn’t try it if it wasn’t here.”

Dr. Charlie McCormick, dean of academic affairs, thinks that “Around the World in Founder’s Hall” is a “wonderful experience.” He says that it’s “one of the high points of my year!”

Mary Hill of Academic Affairs could only muster a “mmm.good” with a smile on her face. Her co-worker, Chris D’Argenio said, “I like the international foods because it opens your food horizons.”

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Jillian Smith

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