Instant messages becoming easiest way to communicate

By Staff Writer
December 7, 2000

by Tracy Timson
staff writer

Welcome. You’ve got mail. These are both things people in today’s society hear when they turn on their computer to check their email. Along with this email system comes what is known as instant messaging.

“Flashing instantaneous electronic messages that pop up on computer screen” according to is what is the latest craze known as instant messaging. With this form of instant messaging you can talk to your family, friends or even meet new people if you so chose. This is available to almost anyone.

All you need is a computer and a modem and you are ready to begin. Connections are provided to all resident students in their dorm rooms. Connections are also provided in the computer labs and the faculty offices.

The messaging service is completely free and easy to use. It is a first choice for some students to keep in contact with their friends.

“It’s an easy way to talk to your friends who live far away,” sophomore Sara Rothfuss said. Many students move away from their friends and family to go to school and this system provides a way to keep in touch.

The instant messaging program also allows students to talk to their friends while they do homework, search the web, or even play a game on their computer.

Being able to do many things at once is a plus for college students and also proved to be some people’s favorite thing about instant messaging.

“I am able to do my homework and get help from my friends without using the phone line,” sophomore Ellie Hicks said.

Another problem for a student coming to school is bills. Money is constantly needed and used throughout their years at school.

This provides a way to get around one bill, the dreaded phone bill. First-year student Andrea Sanchez likes instant messaging because “it saves money by not calling people on the phone.”

This program provides students and faculty with many advantages. Overall, it is the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to keep in touch with people. It also has changed our society in a huge way. Being able to get in complete contact with anyone at anytime is very beneficial, especially without the large phone bill.

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Staff Writer

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