Inside the world of Jeffree Star: A series by Shane Dawson

By Layal Srour
October 22, 2019

Lights, camera, action! Tune into this nine-part series about the fame and fortune of “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” and how he rose to fame with his makeup brand and clothing line starting on YouTube.

After the success of the first series “The Secret Life of Jeffree Star,” Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star came back together to create “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” a nine-part conspiracy series. It will give viewers a glimpse of Star’s life. Since Oct. 1, there have been four parts uploaded of this series and it includes Dawson following Star and taking part in his journey by collaborating on a new makeup palette together.

The Beautiful world of Jeffree Star

The first part of the series shows Shane Dawson preparing for a night in Sacramento, California, celebrating Star’s makeup launch at the Morphe beauty store.

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star on their way to Sacramento, CA for the makeup launch.
Image by Layal Srour.

Star and Dawson both share their insecurities during this first part of the series and how Dawson has been body-shamed, while Star has been getting backlash from other Youtubers and some fans.

“That is crazy to me that people feel the need to change their bodies because of what others opinions of beauty are,” Ariana Yamasaki, senior digital communications and social media, said.

“To me, success is when you build all of this and have all of this but you’re still insecure, ” Star said in the series. “That just goes to show that all the fame and money does not equal happiness or confidence.”

“We’re all wearing his name,” Dawson said about Star being a brand and has made a name for himself to the point that Dawson and his team were told they were only allowed to wear from Star’s clothing line throughout the series.  

The Secrets of the Beauty World

Working alongside the product management team, Shane and Jeffrey will be discussing the making of the product, what it takes to create the product and how they are going to do it.

Being a part of the beauty world comes with a lot of benefits and money, and the way Star spends it is by showcasing his large makeup and studio room that is being renovated, as well as an arcade room, which Dawson described as an at-home “Dave and Busters.”

Due to the growth of Star’s makeup brand and clothing line, he has two to four large warehouses containing all his products for retail in-store and online purchases and shipments.  

Star and Dawson in the warehouse for all of Star’s products.
Image by Layal Srour.

Throughout this part of the series, there is always parts of Star’s life that he shows that have not been seen before by his viewers because he believed that there were some aspects of his life he kept private and off camera because his channel is mostly focused on his makeup products and tutorials.

The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star

One week after the conference with the product management for their collaborated makeup palette, Dawson got a voice message from Jeffree Star that he was robbed of $1 million worth of products from his warehouse. 

Mark, Star’s merchandise exec., described the robbery as the person using a saw to cut through the roof, dropped in the warehouse and ripped the alarm system off the wall, then proceeded to steal a million dollars worth of products.

This is the hole that was cut in the roof that the robber got in from.
Image by Layal Srour.

Sitting in the conference room with Mark and Dawson, Star explained the robbery as a way for people not wanting to see him succeed. “It’s scary the level people will go… it feels so targeted and just scary,” Star said in the series. “It’s just constant life tests…and it gets exhausting and you just want to give up.”

The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star

Prior to the launch in two weeks, Shane and Jeffree met with the staff to revise last minute designs and shades, as well as the names and placement of how they would look in the palette.

Star took Dawson to the factory to see Star’s “Blue Blood” manufacturing and packaging of the product, which sells for $52.

Launching on Nov. 1, the makeup brand will be called “Conspiracy Palette.”

They will be launching both a full palette, a mini palette collection and a lip gloss set based on all the events Dawson experienced throughout his journey on YouTube prior to the conspiracy series and where he is at now. 

Shane and Jeffree applied the final product to see how the different shades looked on the skin.
Image by Layal Srour.

Star and Dawson are expected to make $17.5 million from in-store retail and $35 million for in-store and online purchases combined excluding re-orders.

So far, there has been a lot of positive reviews from the fans about the upcoming product and the series.

Maddie Werndl, sophomore marketing and advertising major, said, “I liked it. I thought it was entertaining to watch.”

Elise Dziewit, freshman psychology major, gave her opinion about Dawson’s reaction to this whole idea of creating a makeup palette with Star.

“It was quite interesting how Shane was genuinely shocked and emotional regarding the amount of money he can make out of this working with Jeffree Star on a project that was so unique to Shane,” Dziewit said.

Layal Srour

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