In fall fashion: white is all right

By Brittany Such
November 10, 2006

Many people think that the color white is only appropriate between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and they limit their wardrobe to dark colors during the fall and winter months.

The truth is that crisp white is always in, and wearing white shows your fashion expertise.

The idea of being criticized for wearing white as the leaves fall, or snow is on the ground, is out the door. Fall fashion for 2006 welcomes the color white with open arms, and accessorizing your white with more white shows that you know how to dress well, and with style and class.

I have always enjoyed wearing a pair of crisp designer Miss Sixty jeans and a clean white sweater or polo during the chilly seasons, and have always heard from friends that I looked great but I shouldn’t wear white past Labor Day or before Memorial Day.

Whoever made this rule must have been afraid to wear white and tried to limit its existence. White is obviously a hard color to pull off. To wear the color white you obviously have to be a pretty clean person and in pretty good shape. The good part is that if you can pull this off, white is your new best friend and it will make you look fresh, and totally new.

“Crisp white is always in, but this season’s fresh twist is about wearing it with white, white.and more white,” said Cosmopolitan Fashion Editor Karen Larrain.

In this months issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine there is a beautiful lay-out of white skirts, shoes, belts, purses, sunglasses, jewelry and lacy tops that are all a part of this month’s fall fashion catalog of clothes to wear.

I know, it sounds like heaven to me too. The best part is you can never be ridiculed again for not being up-to-date with your fashion instincts.

The new fall clothes and accessories look better with the more white you chose to wear and the different combinations you will come up with on your own.

White is definitely a color that should be taken advantage of, and not only on your wedding day.

Don’t just wear your whites with other color; the whole purpose of this fall fashion is to wear white with your other whites.

The color white is very versatile and makes you look like a very careful and cheerful individual.

The important factor behind this fashion is to wear your whites that are new, crisp, clean and fresh. Take your expensive whites to the cleaners, and do a little shopping to dress up your wardrobe. It’s simple and fun and now you have an excuse for doing what is that I’m sure you were once tempted to do-wear a ton of white.

Wearing white should be fun, and the most important accessory is a smile and a lot of confidence.

Wearing white will not only make you look like a fashion expert, but it will also show that you are a confident person, and have nothing to prove but that you’re being you.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about unintelligent criticism to bring down your day, and this is because you are the one who is on top of the style game, not the person wearing boring old brown.

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Brittany Such

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