Increasing job opportunities for education majors in future

By Staff Writer
February 27, 2003

Angelina Wagner

Surveys have shown that by the year 2006, the United States will need 500,000 new teachers. This will be to replace those who will be retiring and a cause of the population growth. Retirement laws have encouraged teachers offering them a full salary after retirement. Secondary population is increasing. It is much easier now for secondary education majors to find a job then it was before. “Urban schools are crying for teachers.” Dr. Thomas Stretton Jr., education professor, said.

Delaware County is a very competitive area to find a job, one of the most competitive in the country. This area provides many quality teacher preparation schools and the pay is very high, one of the top in the nation.

So what can education majors do to increase the likelihood of being hired? Stretton said, “If you have a strong record, present yourself well, and you get through the paper screening to an interview you have a good shot at it as a secondary student.” To get an interview the state has now developed a standard application that enables you to go online, fill it out, and then email it to other school districts the bad part is that they all look alike. School districts receive thousands of applications every year. Therefore the resume you attach can be very imperative. Passing the PRAXIS tests and having a GPA well above a 3.0 is only the start to a good resume. Becoming involved in a number of different kinds of campus organizations is a definite plus. Student PSEA, Council for Exceptional Children, and the Education Honorary are just a few organizations education majors can become involved in and quickly become president.

Taking full advantage of contacts with schools will also help with job opportunities. Cabrini is the only college in the state that provides education majors with the ability to take advantage of five semesters of field experience in five different schools. Starting in your sophomore year Cabrini offers students different areas to explore different teaching types. It also allows you to work with students and gain experience while also teaching lesson plans.

“Having these five different contacts from different schools is very powerful, because when you do a good job you are remembered come time for an interview,” Education Professor Dr. Harold Wingerd said.

Making full use of student teaching is also important to remember. Dr. Wingerd encourages student to go beyond the classroom. Becoming recognized by teachers and principals is a very important while looking for a job. Things as simple as helping out with a school play or volunteering to help work intramural activities can also look good for any student teacher. Organizing a grade level assembly, activity or anything that would allow them to become recognized outside of their regular student teaching improves the liklihood of getting a job.

No matter what grade level, there are plenty of opportunities for education majors to become apart of. Having as many experiences as you can relating to children is the most important thing to remember. Freshmen can simply start out by babysitting, tutoring or even working at a day care over the summer. .

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Staff Writer

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