Inappropriate sign shocks student

By Chris Friel
December 3, 2004

As a member of the Cabrini College community I would like to express my distress at the recent postings occurring around campus. Posters, advertising a dance, are giving innuendos of inappropriate material. This is college and it is my understanding of the mission that we as students are supposed to be learning the core values. What about the many tours that are occurring on campus? What is CAP Board saying to them with these vulgar signs? It is most certainly not the vision of our greatest value, community. I am just as shocked that the office of student activities approved these signs. The theater was turned down last semester for advertising that had characterizations of the main roles. “A sex addict, a horny friend and three women,” is a little bit racy, but so was the show as a milestone in Cabrini theater productions. Perhaps some more thought should be put into what gets approved or not. If the core values are to be upheld at this school, we must first have it reinforced by our administration. I hope that students in the future think twice for putting something so crude on a sign to be seen by both the community and visitors.

Chris Friel

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