Hunger and homelessness campaign in full swing for holiday season

By Michael Bevelaqua
November 2, 2000

by Michael Bevelaqua
staff writer

The holiday season is approaching. It’s the time of year we exchange gifts and give thanks for all that we have.

It is also the time of year that thoughts of the less fortunate float to the surface of our conscience. If this situation is occurring within you or you are just looking for something to fulfill an empty space in your heart that a gift certificate at the mall cannot fill, then campus ministry can help.

It is at this time of year that the Hunger and Homelessness campaign boils down to educating people about the experiences of the homeless, advocating to help the homeless and trying to alleviate in any way they can the problems that arise from being homeless.

In their quest, campus ministry has set up events open to all who are interested.

The first event, a food drive, is being held on Nov. 6. All are welcome to donate whatever food they can. On Nov. 21, the food will be sent through volunteer (which are eagerly needed) to Our Lady of Hope in northern Philadelphia.

Turkeys for the Thanksgiving dinners are being provided by the ACME in Wayne at the lowest price of the season.

Another event taking place on Nov. 11 and 18 are trips to a homeless shelter in Philadelphia. This event involves helping out in a soup kitchen and also playing with children who are less fortunate.

A hunger banquet is being held on Nov. 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the mansion. During this event, participants will take on a role based on a world situation, such as a developing country. Most of the evening will be a surprise and your experience will depend on the role you take on.

Nov. 15 will be host to an extremely creative campus ministry fundraiser entitled, “Arrested for Hunger.” Students can get together and donate some money for a warrant that will arrest a faculty member or student. Once the person is arrested, judgment will be passed and bail set. All money raised will be donated to the homeless.

So if you have a teacher that is really getting on your nerves, then have them arrested. It will not go on their permanent record and besides it’s for a good cause.

The last event on the campus ministry schedule is a catalog craft sale. Holiday items and gifts can be purchased from a catalog in which everything made is by people in underdeveloped countries. All profits go to the family from which the items came.

This year, instead of making Ralph Lauren richer, help out those in need by buying their hand-made crafts. The catalog is filled with beautiful gifts and exquisite chocolates and can be picked up at the campus ministry office on the second floor of the Widener Center next to residence life.

Campus ministry has room for anyone who is interested in these events. More information can be obtained from John DiMucci at ext. 8225 or Mary Laver at ext. 8409.

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Michael Bevelaqua

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