Hunger and Homelessness Awareness

By Diana Ashjian
November 12, 2004

Tonight, countless Americans will scope out a public, wooden bench as their place to sleep or maybe a big cardboard box that once housed someone’s brand-new refrigerator. They’ll wake up in the morning and desperately hope that some kind stranger will pass by and provide them with some spare change so they can maybe get a bite to eat.

Freshmen Christopher Mindnich and Cheyne Roland could never fathom such living conditions for themselves, but if they were faced with an organized opportunity to help those who do, Mindnich and Roland would be very much obliged, to say the least.

This year’s Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Campaign is an attempt to further “give hope to a world in need,” which is the slogan of Catholic Relief Services, an international relief organization, that has teamed up with adviser Laura Gorgol and co-chairs Meghan Hurley and Kristine Jennings, both sophomores.

The campaign members have organized specific events that will aim to raise food and money for Malawi, a very small country in Africa that is run down with poverty and disease. Also, there will be different events throughout the campus that will promote activity and awareness for the benefit of those less fortunate living closer to home in nearby cities such as Norristown and Philadelphia.

The campaign begins Tuesday, Nov. 9, at 11 a.m. in Jazzman’s caf

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Diana Ashjian

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