How to save money

By Diana Ashjian
November 4, 2004

Cecelia Francisco

With the holiday seasons around the corner many of Cabrini’s students find themselves digging through their wallets for their hard-earned funds. For an average college student those funds may not always be excessive. With a quick flash of some important plastic, the studious and the broke alike have a quick-fix alternative to wad-loads of cash.

Think your Visa or MasterCard is the hub of almighty-plastic power? Nope. It’s the college-student-identification card.

Michelle Phan, a junior, works part time at the King of Prussia mall. She tries to save gas money by carpooling with her friends and shopping at “H&M.” “I showed my student id at Philadelphia’s Ampitheater and my admission was reduced to half-price two hours before the show started,” Phan said.

The Tuttleman IMAX Theater, located inside the Franklin Institute in Philly, also offers college students discounted rates. Diamond Jones, junior, buys admission for $5 on Friday and Saturday nights with her Cabrini id when she wants to see original, explorative movies shown in three dimensions, like “Titanica.” Diamond says that she loves going to the IMAX Theater because she’s never experienced anything like it and it’s so cheap.

“I also save money by shopping mostly at Old Navy because their clothes are nice and inexpensive,” Jones said.

Another entertainment complex that honors the intuitive, yet temporary economically challenged student is The Bridge, a movie theater located on 40th & Walnut in University City. This theater offers discounted rates for students from $9 to $7.50 for movie tickets and houses a full bar for an alternative to previews.

Orlando Medina, senior, takes the ladies to The Bridge to see a movie and have some drinks when he isn’t hitting the books. “It’s cool that I can save a couple dollars with my school id, especially when I’m out to forget all the stuff I have due once it’s Monday,” Medina said.

The trusty plethora of resources offered on search engines like “Google” can help young budgeters find useful sites like Students who live far away or would like to visit their friends at out-of-state schools can register for a Student Advantage Discount card to get 15 percent off of train tickets.

Danielle Dorsey, junior, got a Student Advantage card so she could save from $15 to $20 on Amtrak train tickets every time she visits her father in Washington, D.C or when she visits her friends in New York. Student Advantage also provides discounts on spring break airfare, NFL tickets and rental cards. To sign up all students have to do is fill out the online application and pay the $20 fee.

A good method for a college student to find a great deal when craving a new look is to search salons for training seminars. “Even the best stylists have to keep up-to-date portfolios, so when the seasons change, so do fashion trends and a lot of times workshops are held,” Tiffany Schaffer, stylist for Salon Thalia in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia said. “If you call around to different salons you can find out from their receptionists if any of their stylists need models. If they do, chances are that all the client has to pay for are the products used,” Schaffer said.

“Even though I know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, I just can’t wait to graduate so I can finally earn my own steady income and finally work for all the things I want that involve more than just my books every semester,” Michelle Phan said.

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Diana Ashjian

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