How far will America go

By Jana Fagotti
April 22, 2004

Steph Mangold

If you are look to see the latest display of what I like to call a freak show tune into MTV’s “I Want a Famous Face” which airs Mondays at 10:30 p.m. or the FOX network’s “The Swan” which airs Mondays at 9 p.m. You are sure to find the latest displays of what America sees as entertainment. After only seeing commercials of these new shows, I was sick. After hearing what others who watched the program said about it, I was disgusted.

What do these two programs have in common? They show America that if you feel less than perfect, plastic surgery is the way to go, forget the fact that it is dangerous and unnatural.

The new MTV series gives teenagers with low self-esteems a chance to become who they have always dreamed: a celebrity like Brad Pitt or Britney Spears. Sound engaging? Don’t be gullible. This is the most sickening display of human nature that I have ever seen advertised on television. Foul!

On “I Want A Famous Face” MTV pays for the surgery and (drum roll please) a photo shoot complete with trashy makeup and cheap costumes to finish off the deal. Sick and the teenager’s parents condone this behavior.

Apparently, a good parent is one who embraces their child’s low self-esteem and encourages them to get a complete makeover. I cannot see how any good parent could condone a surgical makeover of any sort because his or her child wants to look like a celebrity. Talk about bad parenting and poor role models.

Look where America is headed! It’s one thing to look up to trashy icons like Britney Spears, but to want to become someone else is just sick. I can honestly say that MTV has hit an all-time low.

Not only does this program encourage teenagers to become someone else when they are feeling insecure about themselves, but it puts plastic surgery out there for another teenager to look at as an option when feeling less than pretty in the years of acne and other insecurities.

Teenagers are not the only ones feeling insecure. FOX’s new series “The Swan” gives grown women who feel “ugly” the chance to become a beauty contestant, only after enduring plastic surgeries, tummy-tucks and a complete physical makeover. Now, that’s what I call something to aspire toward.

Whatever happened to the days when parents told their kids that there is more to life than beauty? What happened to the days when inner-confidence and self-esteem were what mattered?

These television series are telling kids to be as fat as you want, “there is always a tummy-tuck,” feel as insecure as you want “there is always plastic surgery.” Furthermore, these shows are telling kids that unless you are of celebrity or model status, “you are not pretty enough,” “you are not thin enough, you are not good enough.” But, we will pay for you to be perfect.

Maybe now these television programs are just entertainment, but ask yourself, “If these shows continue, where is America headed?”

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Jana Fagotti

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