How ethical is it to design a child?

By Katie Engell
March 26, 2009

Selecting a child’s hair and eye color before they are born is now an option for future parents. I personally disagree with parents who choose to do this.

It’s abnormal to control human life and who people will become before they are even born.

Designing a child should not be in the same category as picking out a new car.

Hair and eye color for a child should be developing from the traits of the parents, not chosen and designed like a doll. To me, this can only lead to issues of exclusion of certain people and overall discrimination.

If selecting a child’s traits becomes a popular option for parents, then physical features and traits could become trends. Blue eyes may be popular one decade and the next decade brown eyes could be in style.

This would only lead to discrimination and exclusion of people who don’t fit in with the majority.

Everyone will want to fit into these trends and individuality in people will slowly diminish. Everyone would want blond hair with green eyes, or brown hair with brown eyes.

In today’s world, there are many ways to make yourself different than the rest but one thing that will always set you apart is your features. Designing a child will only take away the individuality of that child.

This would also affect the overall diversity in the world. Diversity is something this country has fought for, and the possibility of everyone looking the same will only retract from the diversity of our society.

Having a child is supposed to be a natural experience and scientists have only found ways to make the human qualities artificial.

First there was cloning, then gene altering, and now the option of designing your own child is on the market.

What is this world coming to if soon you will be able to design your own person just how you want them to be? This option will only lead to more technologies that create artificial human life and soon no one will be their own person.

The one thing that we’ve always been taught is to be your own person and not to be a follower. If soon personality will be chosen by the parents, then this will only contradict our ability to be our own person.

Part of the excitement of having a child is the anticipation of what the child will look like, whose traits they will carry more or less of and how they will develop in their appearance as they grow older.

It’s only natural for children to resemble their parents and this resemblance holds significance throughout a generation of a family. To resemble one another is something that defines a family and their heritage.

Before selecting a child’s traits, sex selection was a popular choice for prospective parents and this option didn’t seem too drastic.I still wondered why the demand for a girl vs. a boy was a big enough deal for parents to go against the laws of nature and deem the child a gender they desire. If it’s your child, shouldn’t you love them no matter their sex?

I understand that there will always be a preference when it comes to gender, but playing God and designing your child has taken science and technology to the limit.

Religion teaches us that God is the sole creator of human life and there is a purpose for everyone on this earth but if scientists keep manipulating who we are as people, it will only go against nature.

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Katie Engell

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