How to organize yourself and your notes for college

By Evans Baker
September 11, 2019

 In today’s society, college kids prepare for classes in a number of ways. For the people who do attend college, it might be a great idea to stay on top of your classes and make sure you have good notes in other words college students make sure that they stay organized as there are many distractions in today’s world of media. 

When preparing for a course, there are multiple different ways that you can prepare yourself before say a quiz, a test and /or a midterm, for example.

The first way you could study is to make use of your electronics. Now I know you’re not always going to have it in the classroom and at your disposal, but making sure you have good notes in your phone and or computer really helps when you’re studying for that next big assignment or test. Also, you can put reminders on your phone to make sure that you study for cell tests and quizzes and/or midterms or maybe you have an assignment then you have to do that included a lot of information that you have to look up. According to “Reliable Plant” 23 percent of the students today rely on their memories to help them remember assignments and important takes they have to do for classes, and I can assure you it does not always work out.  

( Some classes will let you use laptops to take notes, so use this to your advantage to copy links and look up information. Photo Credit Evans Baker )

Another way to help keep organized is to keep a planner sorts. Having a planner is the old fashion way of keeping track of is to write it down on some sort of agenda. What I use on a daily basis is a basis is a calendar, I write all my quiz, test and due dates so that I can be prepared if anything should ever come up by surprise. According to the “World Education Services (WES)”, it is good to keep only one planner to write down all of your important dates so that you don’t confuse yourself and mix up dates. 

( Planners are a good alternative instead of technology if you can’t use any of your devices Photo Credit Evans Baker)  

The last tip I have to give is to review your notes and syllabi. Almost every class that you take during your four years at college will have a syllabus the class rules, guidelines and list of dates that will tell you when all of your assignments are due so you can plan ahead accordingly. Besides your class syllabus the notes that you take down for the class will have a big impact on how well you do. By taking good notes and looking over them later on a daily basis you can be prepared for anything your class pass to offer you which means you’ll have more time to yourself if you’re prepared. According to the “Classroom” its says that both taking notes well help you with both daily assignments and long term projects. I have saved myself so much time just by looking at the syllabus for all the information I need.  

( Remember that you notes can and will help you for the semester when you least expect it photo Credit Evans Baker)      

Please note that these are only some of the tips they can really help you throughout your college career. However there is really only one way that you can succeed in college and that is to try your best truly the only person that can get you through your college career is yourself so you need to find out what best suits you and how you can do it so try if you the steps and see what you like some of them you may enjoy and others you might hate but again that’s all up for you to decide. 


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Evans Baker

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